This page allows you to graph one complex number g as a function of another f.

Instructions: Type in a formula and hit enter. The formula must always begin with the letters g= .

It is probably easiest to start with some examples.

f is equal to u + v * i. You can define the range for u and v in the menu on the left.

There are 4 axes in C^2 space. We name these as follows:

  • fR - the real component of f.
  • fI - the imaginary component of f.
  • gR - the real component of g.
  • gI - the imaginary component of g.
  • Since we live in cartesian space we have only 3 spatial dimensions: X, Y, and Z. So the color gradient is used to illustrate the 4th axis. You can use the controls on the left to assign the 4 C^2 axes to the graphing axes.

    We are using math.js for our complex math. The link takes you to a page showing the available functions. For instance you have to use the add() function to add 2 numbers, not the + sign.